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How do I activate my software?



I get a "The system cannot open the device or file specified" while installing.

This happens when you have the Temp folder encrypted by using the Encrypted File System.

Please turn off encryption for the temporary folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp).

  1. Right-click the Temp folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp), and then click Properties.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Unselect the Encrypt contents to secure data check box. Click OK.
  4. Install Application.

For additional information click here to see Microsofts FAQ.

I can not install.

If you are getting an error that it can not uninstall the previous version you will have to remove the previous installation manually.  A symptom of this problem is if you get: (System.IO.FileNotFoundException MorphDriverUninstall.dll).

Please click here to download and then run a utility from Microsoft to correct this problem. Select GiggleType to uninstall.

You should then be able to install the new version you downloaded.

I can not uninstall GiggleType
Every case we've seen of not being able to uninstall has been the result of a machine infected by a virus. So we first recommend running a virus scan.

  1. If you manually deleted files before running the uninstaller you'll have to run a Microsoft tool to fix things up again:
    Microsoft Uninstall Tool
  2. If your microphone is no longer working then you may need to reset your default microphone use the following FAQ and instead of the "Screaming Bee Audio" driver replace it with your computers driver:
    Setting Default Driver

To completely remove GiggleType, we recommed after following Step 1 that you again install and then uninstall GiggleType using the uninstall link on your start menu.

What is the “Screaming Bee Audio" driver?

We found that the most compatible way to use the morphing effects with other programs was to create a virtual driver.  This allows any application to use it, and there are no tricky backdoor hooks that will break in future versions of Windows or compatibility problems with unknown programs. This driver has been rigorously tested through Microsoft’s own driver testing procedures.

GiggleType is producting audio, but others cannot it on voice chat.

If the program you are using to talk to others is not set to use the "Screaming Bee Audio" driver, the program you are using will not hear your streamed files.

You can solve this by setting the recording program to use "Screaming Bee Audio". Click here for more information on doing this in common game and chat programs.

You may also change the default system wide microphone to "Screaming Bee Audio". Click here for more information.

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