MorphVOX is an easy-to-use voice altering software for the Windows platform. Using advanced algorithms and technologies, MorphVOX gives you the ability to alter your voice to a number of aliases or target voiceprints. This is especially useful to anyone who wants to enhance their online game experience or to alter their identity in online chat.

What can MorphVOX do to enhance your online gaming experience? As a role-playing gamer, now you can sound as good as you look! No longer be the wood nymph with the voice of a truck driver or the Sith Lord who sounds like a teenager. You spent many hours grooming your in-game character to look a certain way, why not alter your voice to match!

How can MorphVOX disguise your identity? MorphVOX can alter the characteristics of your voice, such that no one can recognize who you are. It can transform a male speaker into a female speaker, a female speaker into a male, and a child speaker into an adult. Using sophisticated algorithms, MorphVOX voice altering software produces high-quality, realistic voices that will mask your age, gender, and identity.

MorphVOX voice altering software has a number of features that will make your gaming or online experience more fun. Choose from a number of aliases to change your identity.  You can even make up your own aliases and share them with friends. We'll be providing more and more alias voice packs in the future. MorphVOX also has beautifully themed skins that can be changed to suit your mood; you can download more skins from our website. High-impact sound effects will add fun to your online time.

You can easily integrate MorphVOX voice altering software with any game or online chat program. MorphVOX can be used with games like: World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest 2, Guild Wars, CounterStrike and many more. It also works well with chat programs such as: TeamSpeak, Skype, Roger Wilco and Ventrilo.

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