MorphVOX can be used with BATTLEFIELD 2 (BF2).

BF2 uses the system default microphone for audio input.

You will need to set the Screaming Bee Audio driver as your Windows default microphone. Please click here for instructions on setting the driver before running BF2.

If you have not installed BF2 yet then we recommend running MorphVOX before installation and leave it running during installation. 

There is a program "BF2VoiceSetup.exe" in the Battlefield 2 folder that is run during setup for VOIP.  This program can be rerun at anytime.  Be sure to run MorphVOX first if you have the Screaming Bee Audio driver set as your default microphone, or you will get no audio input while using this program.

Testing BF2 Audio:  Option Settings

To test if your microphone is hooked up correctly do the following:

  1. Run MorphVOX.
  2. Start BF2
  3. Click on Options.  The dialog above will appear.
  4. Click on the Audio tab.
  5. Check "Enable" on VOICE OVER IP section. 
  6. Click on Start Microphone Test.

    The SEND THRESHOLD VOLUME bar should be green when you talk.  If it is moving and red then reduce the threshold slider above the meter (10% is normal).

    If the your voice is faint then click on BOOST MIC GAIN

    In VOIP VOLUME Make sure your TRANSMIT and RECIEVE sliders are farthest to the right as can be without distortions.  This is usually in the 75 - 100% range.

    Game play tips:

    1. Assign a push-to-talk key in MorphVOX that is the same as the one assigned in BF2 (default is "B").  Note, not all machines work correctly with BF2 and MorphVOX Push-to-Talk, please test this out with a friend to ensure audio is still working. If it gaps or glitchs leave the PTT key unchecked in MorphVOX.  Click here to learn more about assigning keys.
    2. Create custom sound effects and assign Quick Effects to give orders or insults.
    3. Change your voice with Quick Voices.
    4. If you have a slower machine drop you Morphing quality.  To learn more click here.

    Trouble Shooting:

    1. VOIP for BF2 only works when you belong to a squad and only between you and the squad or squad leader.
    2. When you press Push-to-Talk in the game (default is "B" key) you will see a green speaker icon on the right side.  If it is red then you are talking to loud, move the mic away from your mouth.
    3. EA reports that some audio drivers will cause VOIP to turn off during game play.  It is recommended that you update the driver or if that does not work then turn off hardware acceleration.  Click here to learn more.  The most common driver with this problem is RealTek AC '97, new drivers can be found by clicking here.
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