MorphVOX can be configured in many ways. This guide will give you a better understanding of how to customize your application.

You can access preferences by selecting the menu item: "MorphVOX: Preferences..."

These preferences control startup and graphic options.
Load MorphVOX on starts up: click on this checkbox to turn on and off automatic launch of MorphVOX when your computer starts up.

Show tip of the day: click on this checkbox to turn on and off tips. These appear on start up and provide useful hints on using MorphVOX better.

Auto-Start Voice Doctor: starts voice doctor automatically on startup if voice learning is needed.

Start Minimized: starts MorphVOX with minimized user interface.
Opacity: Adjusts MorphVOX's opacity level. Move to the slider to the left to make the application more transparent.

Use 24 hr clock: This changes alarms and time announcements to use a 24 hour clock (e.g. 14:42 versus 2:42 pm).

Show Add-On Links: Show add-on link in the alias, sound effects and background lists. This gives you quick access to any new downloadable MorphVOX packs.
Announce alias change: provides auditory cue (sound clip) every time the alias is changed using the key-mapped trigger.
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