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This page is used to document the features and functionality of Picture To Go, a software application designed to make it easy for you to find and share digital pictures on your computer with friends and family.

  -Help Button
This button brings up help for Picture To Go.  If you are connected to the internet you will be sent to a web page providing you more update to date help and other useful tips.
Finding pictures on your computer can be often be difficult.  Picture To Go's powerful search engine can extensively search your computer for a variety of image files. These include BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF. Its search filters and controls will make your sessions at the computer more productive and convenient.

The search panel has the following controls:
Key Words This text field lets you filter your searches by specifying words or parts of words that may be found in the file or files you are looking for. This makes searching for a particular file easier by narrowing down the focus of the search. By default, this text field is empty, which would tell search engine to look for all files.
Search in this Location This choice box lets you quickly focus your searches to certain locations on your computer.  You can search from the following locations:
1.  My Documents - searches in "My Documents" folder
2.  All Locations - searches all computer locations.
3.  Browse - Allows you to select a specific location on your computer to search.

Note: the Operating System and Internet Cache locations will not be searched.
Search Button This button starts and stops searches. Click on this button once to start a search. You can cancel a search that is in progress, by clicking on this button again.

Once you have started a search, the results from this search will be collected in the results panel. You will see a count of the total number of pictures and a list of image files that the search engine found. Clicking on an item in the list will display the picture in the image viewer. 

While this item is selected you can do the following operations in this panel:

View picture in Explorer Button Click on this button to view the picture in a Windows Explorer window. 
Find picture on computer Button Click on this button to find the picture on your computer. 
Email picture Button Click on this button to Email a copy of the selected picture or pictures. After this button is clicked, Picture To Go will let you pick the size of the images to send. In this dialog you set the maximum size of the images that will be sent:

You have three choices:
1. Thumbnail - small, less detail, but very efficient to send by Email.
2. Internet Ready - medium, a good balance of size and detail, suitable for Email.
3. Original Size - large, maximum detail, but potentially unsuitable for Email.

The resulting image may be smaller than the original, but never made larger than the original.

To remove an image from the send list click on the image file name and then click on the "x" button.  Note: Picture To Go limits the number of attachments to 50.

If you click the OK button, Picture To Go will launch your Email client with a new message and attach the pictures to the new message:

You can then add recipients addresses, a message body and then send the Email.

The Auto-Resize Image option is a powerful and very convenient feature that allows Picture To Go to resize your pictures on-the-fly whenever you copy or send Email. It is an especially useful when you want limit the size of your pictures in order to make Email delivery more efficient. You can specify the guidelines for resizing your pictures in the "Tools/Auto-Resize Image" menu item. When the Auto-Resize Image option is enabled, your pictures will be resized such that the image dimensions will not exceed the horizontal and vertical values that you specified. You can turn on and off the "Auto-Image Resizing" option from this panel:

Auto-Resize Image Button
To turn on the Auto-Resize Image option, make sure that this button is drawn with a checkmark. If this button is not checked, then click on it once to toggle the checkmark. Auto-Resize Image option is disabled when the the button is drawn an "x" instead of a checkmark. 
Other features:

Double-click item in list Double-click on an item in the list to view the picture in an Explorer Window.
Drag item in list Click on an item in the list and drag the mouse while continuing to hold down on the mouse button will copy the picture to a new location.  If you release the mouse on a location on your computer such as the desktop or a folder, the picture will be copied to that location.  If you release the mouse over a Image program, a picture will be copied to that program.  If you release the mouse over a Email program a new message will be created if needed and the picture will be added as an attachment to this message.  If Auto-Resize Image option is turned on, then the picture will be processed according to the size guidelines that are currently set.

Picture To Go's image viewer lets you quickly view your pictures. You can see your pictures in either full or thumbnail sizes. When you select items in the Results list control, the images associated with those items will be displayed in the viewer.

In full-sized mode, the viewer will display a single detailed image. You can then modify its orientation by rotating the image clockwise (to the right) or counter-clockwise (to the left). The viewer will also display important information about his pictures, such as, the file's name and size, and the image's dimensions.

In thumbnail mode, the viewer will display multiple small images in a scrolling list. This lets you visually search, inspect and select pictures. Mouse over information gives you pertinent information on each picture.

Tip: you can quickly switch between full-sized and thumbnail views by double-clicking on the images.

Note: you can conveniently copy pictures by dragging the image or images from the Viewer to another location like a folder on the computer, paint program, or Email client.  

The Viewer has the following buttons:
Full-Sized Mode The viewer will display a single high-detailed picture. This image can be rotated in this mode or copied to a different location.
Thumbnail Mode The viewer will display multiple thumbnail images in a scrolling window. Rotation controls are not available in this mode. You may select multiple images to copy.
Rotate Picture Clockwise Rotates the picture 90 degrees clockwise.
Rotate Picture Counter Clockwize Rotates the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise
Menu Items

File Menu
Exit - Exits program
Edit Menu
Copy - Copy first selected picture to clipboard. You can then paste the image into another application.
Search/Cancel Search - Begin or cancel search.
View - View first selected picture in Windows Explorer window.
Find - Find first selected picture on computer.
Email - Email one or more pictures, with a maximum of 50 pictures in one Email message.
Auto-Size Image - Opens the Auto-Size Image dialog.
Picture To Go Help - Opens browser window to help document.
About Picture To Go - Shows Picture To Go About Box.

1. Place your mouse over any control you don't know what it does.  A friendly pop-up help will tell you what it is.
2. Use the "Key Words" text field and "Search in this location" choice box to limit your searches to managable sizes.
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