Special Effects for Voice
ScriptVOX Studio provides an advance tool for adding special digital effects to a voice. You can make your actor sound as if they were talking on a radio, telephone, cavern or sound like a robot.  

Each of these effects is fully adjustable and any of them can be stacked in combination. This allows you to have full control over each effect and dramatically increased the possible types of voices you can include in your story.

To access the Effects Manager, click on the "FX" button on any of the Actor View Items:

This will open the Effects Manager dialog.  The Effects manager has two main areas: the Effects List on the left and the tweak effects box on the right.
Effects List
Displays the list of special effects.  You can toggle an effect to be on by clicking on the first column under the Green Checkmark.  If an effect has a green checkmark next to it, then that effect is active.

To select which effect will be displayed on the tweak effect box (on the right), simply left click on the desired effect.  The label on the top of the box will change to reflect the selection.
Preview Effects Button
Click on this button to hear how the effect sounds like with the actor's voice.  To turn off the preview, click the button again.  Only effects with a green checkmark (active) will be used in the preview.
Tweak Effect Box
This displays slider controls specific to the selected effect.  For example, the Radio Effect will have two sliders: Interference and Tinny.  Each of the sliders can be adjusted to change the quality and intensity of the effect.
Reset Button
The bottom of the tweak effect box has a reset button. Click on this to return the controls for the given effect back to a neutral position.

Special Effect Types
This effect simulates the conversation over a radio, complete with static interference.  

Adjust the Interference slider to control the level of static and white noise in the audio output. Adjust the Tinny slider to control to give the audio a more or less hollow/tinny quality.
This effect simulates the sound of a voice conversation over a phone.

Adjust the Phone Effect slider to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect from small to heavy.
This effect produces a simple echo.

Adjust the Delay slider to control the amount of time between echoes.  Adjust the Balance slider to control the relative volumes between the original sound and the echo.
This effect simulates the echo sound in a cavern or cave..

Adjust the Cavern Size slider to control the relative size of the virtual cavern from small to large.  Adjust the Reflection slider to control the reflective quality of the virtual cavern from muffled to bright.
This effect simulates the reverberation in a variety of buildings.

Adjust the Room Size slider to control the size of the virtual room from small to large.  Adjust the Intensity slider to control the amount of reverberation from small to large.
This effect turns the actor into a robot.

Adjust the Robot Effect slider to control the intensity of the effect when applied to the actor's voice.

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