Loading an Audio File
To get started, simply click on the "File> Import File..." menu item. This will open the File Import Wizard dialog.
Import Wizard Start
Click on the Next button to continue in the Import Wizard.

Choose Audio File: Choose an audio file to import. The Import Wizard can read WAV, OGG, WMA and MP3 files. Click on the "Add File.." button and choose a file.
Import Wizard: choosing an audio file
Click on the Next button to continue.

Import Settings: By selecting the "Apply Noise Reduction" option, the import wizard will apply a noise reduction filter to the audio. This is helpful for improving clarity of a recording that has background noise, hiss, or hum. You can also adjust the audio output volume for recordings that are too soft or too loud. The Preview Audio button lets you preview any changes that you make.
Import Wizard: Import Settings
Click on the Next button to continue.

Import Progress: The Import Wizard will process the audio file. If you chose the "Apply Noise Reduction" option it may take a few minutes to finish all the tasks.
Import Wizard: Noise Reduction
Click the Next button to continue.

File Import Complete: The file import process should be complete. Click on the Finish button to complete the loading of the audio file into the Playlist.
Import Wizard: Finished Importing

Loading CD Audio
To load audio from a compact disk, click on the "File> Import CD Audio..." menu item. This will open the CD Import dialog. If you have an Audio CD in your CD or DVD drive, you will see a list of files. If you are connected to the Internet, the CD Import dialog will do its best to retrieve title, artist and song information from public CD databases and display them in the user interface.
Importing CD Audio
Click on the checkbox next to the CD audio files that you want to import and click the OK button. The CD audio files will be added to the Playlist.

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