The playback controls are simple to use and accessible from the Track View. In addition to the playback controls, the navigation controls provide an easy way of scanning through an audio file. Zoom controls provide a way of magnifying the graphics for improved accuracy in viewing and playing audio.
Track View: Playback and Navigation

Track View
1. Title Bar
The title bar contains the title of the file that has been selected in the Playlist as well as the current location/time of the playback cursor.
2. Timeline track
The timeline shows the graduated ruler with time markings. This is helpful in accurately setting the selection and annotation locations relative to the audio graphics.
  3. Annotation track
  This contains any annotation markers which have been added to the Track View. You can add, remove and edit annotations by right clicking on this track and accessing the context menu. You also have access to the Annotation Manager which provides you with a list of annotations in a convenient list.
4. Audio track
This area contains the graphics of the audio file. It provides feedback on where playback is occurring and allows for selection.
Playback Controls
5. Toggle repeat
Toggles repeat on playback. If this is toggled "on" then the playback will not stop but continue to play the selected region in the Track View repeatedly.
6. Play all
This starts playback from the very beginning of the audio regardless of the selection.
7. Play from selection
This starts playback from the beginning of the selected region.
8. Stop
This stops playback and returns the cursor to where the playback first started.
Navigation Controls
  9. Instant Replay
  This moves the playback cursor two seconds back. If the cursor is at the beginning of the audio track, then no movement occurs.
10. Go to beginning
Moves the playback cursor to the beginning of the audio track.
11. Rewind
Rewinds the audio track and moves the playback cursor backwards.
12. Fast Forward
Quickly advances the audio track forward and moves the playback cursor ahead.
13. Go to end
Moves the playback cursor to the end of the audio track.
Zoom Controls
14. Zoom out
Zooms the audio graphics out.
15. Zoom in
Zooms the audio graphics in.

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