The Playlist is the panel in the upper left part of the main user-interface. It contains a list of audio files that you have imported into the program. If you click on an item in the Playlist, the audio information and graphic display is then loaded in the Track View.

Playlist Audio

Audio Information
You can also access and change information for a playlist item such as Title, Details, Author, Copyright, by clicking on the “Tools>Audio Information…" menu item. This will display the Audio Information:

Playlist Audio Information

Noise Reduction
You can apply noise reduction to any item in the Playlist. To access this feature, click on a playlist item. Next, choose the “Tools>Noise Reduction…" menu item. This brings up the Noise Reduction dialog:

Noise Reduction
Choose “Noise Reduction Applied" in the top combo-box control to apply noise reduction. You can select the strength of the noise reduction and choose the audio output volume. To listen to the changes, click the Preview Audio button.

The Bypass option allows you to listen to the audio without any effects applied. The Reset button resets the values of noise reduction and audio output to the original values.

If you want to remove noise reduction, choose “Noise Reduction Off" in the combo-box control. To complete the changes, click the “OK" button to begin processing the audio. Depending on the size of the audio file, it may take a number of minutes to complete the operation.

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