The Main View
The Voice Again user interface consists of four main areas: the Playlist, Track View, Speed and Pitch controls and Audio Settings.
Voice Again main Screen
The Playlist (#1) provides a list of audio files that have been loaded into the Voice Again project. You can add any number of audio files to the playlist. Clicking on an item in this list will load the audio information into the Track View.

Track View
The Track View (#2) provides you with a graphical view of the audio file. It provides a timeline of the recording as well as a way of navigating and playing back the audio. Zoom controls allow you to zoom-in to increase the detail of the graphics for even more accurate navigation.

Navigation controls allow you to quickly move to different parts of the audio. Annotations show up as graphic markers in the Track View. You can add text to the annotations to assist in navigation.

Once you have navigated to a certain location in the file, you can play back the audio either as single-shot or repeat. Combining repeated playback with the speed control allow you to listen and analyze the audio efficiently.

Speed and Pitch Controls
The Speed and Pitch Controls (#3) provide you with tools to change the speed or pitch of a recording. Slowing down a recording is especially useful for carefully analyzing audio for details that would not be as easy at normal speeds. Speeding up a recording is useful in quickly skimming audio to save time. Pitch controls can be helpful for raising or lowering a voice for clarity.

You can slow playback of recordings as much as a factor of 10X (10% normal). Typically slowing a voice recording by 2X (50% normal) to 4X (25% normal) can be very useful for listening to details. You can speed recordings as much as a factor of 6X (600% normal) to gloss over recordings in order to save time.

Pitch can be modified by a factor of plus or minus two octaves. This provides you with a wide range of pitch shifting. You can also add Formant Correction option to maintain a more natural sound to the voice when shifting the pitch.

Audio Settings
The Audio Settings (#4) provides global audio volume and pan control. The volume control adjusts how loud Voice Again will output sound to your speakers. The pan control adjusts the relative left-to-right output for stereo recordings.

Menu Items

New Project
Creates a new Voice Again project and provides a wizard for importing an audio file.
Open Project...
Opens Voice Again project file.
Save Project
Saves a modified Voice Again project.
Save Project As...
Saves a new Voice Again project or allows you to save an existing Voice Again project to a different file name.
Project Information...
Provides information on title and description for a Voice Again project.
  Import File...
  Provides a wizard for importing audio files into your project.
  Import Audio CD...
  Imports CD audio from audio compact discs.
Render Audio Files...
Renders new audio files from your playlist with modifications to speed, pitch and noise reduction.
Provides user specified preferences for Voice Again.
Recent Projects
Shows the most recently used Voice Again project files for convenient loading.
Exits Voice Again.
Add Annotation
Adds a new annotation to the Track View.
Edit Annotation
Opens the Annotation Editor which allows you to edit the annotation text and time information.
  Previous Annotation
  Moves the playback selection to the previous annotation location.
  Next Annotation
  Moves the playback selection to the next annotation location.
Remove Annotation
Deletes an annotation selected in the Track View.
Annotation Manager
Launches the Annotation Manager.
Decrease Speed
Decreases the speed control by one unit.
Reset Speed
Resets the speed control to 100% (neutral).
Increase Speed
Increases the speed control by one unit.
Decrease Pitch
Decreases the pitch control by one unit.
Reset Pitch
Resets the pitch control to zero (neutral).
Increase Pitch
Increases the pitch control by one unit.
  Zoom in
  Zooms in the audio track.
  Zoom out
  Zooms out the audio track.
  Reset zoom
  Resets the zoom to the orginal state.
Formant Correction
Toggles formant correction on or off.
Audio Information...
Opens the Audio Information dialog for the selected item in the playlist.
Noise Reduction...
Opens the Noise Reduction dialog for the selected item in the playlist.
Toggle Repeat
Toggles playback repeat in the Track View.
  Play from Selection
  Plays audio track from the start of selection until the end of selection.
  Play Slow Speed
  Plays the audio track at one-half normal (50%) speed.
Play Normal Speed
Plays the audio track at real-time speed (100%).
  Play Fast Speed
  Plays the audiotrack at 1.5 times normal (150%) speed.
Stop Playing
Stops the audio playback.
Play All
Plays the entire audio track.
Go to Beginning
Moves the playback selection to the beginning of the audio track.
Moves the audio playback position back.
Fast Forward
 Moves the audio playback position forward.
Go to End
Moves the playback selection to the end of the audio track.
Hot Keys...
Opens the Hot Key configuration panel.
Opens the foot controller configuration panel.
Information about Voice Again.
Lets you purchase Voice Again online.
Check for new nersion...
Launches a browser to the update page.
Screaming Bee Home Page...
Launches a browser to the Screaming Bee home page.
ScriptVOX Studio FAQ...
Launches a browser to the FAQ page.
Customer Support...
Send a message to the Support Team for assistance.
Launches a browser to the online help page.
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