Meet Our Customers

Computers4Kids is bridging the technology gap by providing disadvantaged kids with computers and education. Their successful program is a strong model for other communities to follow.

DJ Storm X looks forward to a chance to make a difference with his music in the film and computer games industry. His natural talent for composition combined with high-quality software tools has allowed him to produce some amazing musical tracks.

Over the last nine years, Tim Miller has been teaching multimedia technology classes to high school students. Recently, Tim has incorporated voice changing software in the classroom, allowing his students to easily create voiceovers for their projects.

Scott Johnson and Andrew Konietzky have created a popular web broadcast for World of Warcraft. Their highly informative and entertaining podcast has drawn thousands of listeners who are looking for newest tidbit on Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG. Andrew comments on the history of The Instance.

Dennis Wight and Gary Hess have created a unique show for anyone who enjoys relaxing with a Bloody Mary on Sunday morning. The webcast includes music, news, interviews, entertaining stories, and cutting-edge recipes for this popular beverage. The show also features the ingenious use of audio streaming and voice-changing software.

The Reverend Malice and Cardinal Sin get ready to launch into the world of satellite radio. With new ideas and new technologies such as voice-changing software, they plan on blazing a new trail in radio broadcasting.

Shelley Turnbull, an online educator, reaches out to students through the Internet using MorphVOX. Using a combination of novel teaching and voice-changing software, Shelley has been able to design curriculum that appeals to the wide-range of learning styles.

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