Help Us Test a New Web Based Game!

Screaming Bee announces a pre-beta invitation to our latest experiment. Please come and join us for a limited time to try out and help us refine a multi-player, web based game that tests your skills at interstellar trading, planet design and chicken raising.

The game, Galactic Fatcats aspires to take casual click and grow games to the next level with true multiplayer interactions in which you seek to become the "Fat Cat" of the galaxy. We hope to have a game that users can play at their own pace to personalize their planet and produce items others may want. They will also be able to explore new regions of the galaxy and find other, real player planets and even trade with them.

Of course we can't do this on our own, so we need some dedicated players to help us out!

If this sounds like fun to you then please visit and sign up for an account.

Note: This is a pre-beta test of the game. So it will have some rough edges and we cannot guarantee access or the stability of the game. There will be a limit to the number of players that can be on the servers at one time, so you may need to try again if you can't get on right away.

Help Us Test a New Web Based Game!

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