Voice Spice Recording Sharing

Screaming Bee Spices-up Online Education with a Free Voice Sharing Service

The Voice Spice service uses high-quality, low-bandwidth recordings that can easily be used by educators, tutors, and anyone that needs to share or receive audio messages from their students. Voice Spice is an excellent tool for online foreign language classes or any other course that requires sharing voice messages. It has been successfully used by a number of schools from around the world.

Voice Spice on the Mac or PC computers browser does not need any special software to download or account setup. With just an ordinary Web browser, users can immediately begin recording messages. Voice Spice only requires a microphone and access to the Internet.

You can add a little zest to Voice Spice recordings with superior-quality voice morphing ability. Users can choose from five different target voices such as the Hell Demon, Space Squirrel, Male, Female or the Robot.

And the best part is its absolutely free with no account set up required, just visit the link and use it.

Visit www.voicespice.com to learn more.

Voice Spice Recording Sharing

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