Special Offer for MorphVOX Pro

Screaming Bee is pleased to offer a special MorphVOX Pro offer to current MorphVOX users. If you have purchased the Standard or Classic version of MorphVOX, you can upgrade to the Pro Version for only $10 USD.

By upgrading to MorphVOX Pro, you will gain the following new features and more:

  • Smarter voice learning for superior voice changing
  • Background cancellation - get super-clean voice modification
  • Hum reduction (60 Hz) - eliminate electrical interference
  • Backgrounds - traffic jam, shopping mall
  • Full volume control of sound effects and backgrounds
  • New Voice Effects: Low-Cut, De-Tuner, and Underwater

The upgrade process to MorphVOX Pro is easy. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Obtain a copy of your Activation Key for your original copy of MorphVOX. If you forgot or lost your Key, you can retrieve it from this link: Retrive Activation Key Page

  2. Navigate to the following page: Upgrade Page

  3. Select the original product type and enter in your Activation Key into the text field.

  4. The page will provide you with the discounted price to purchase the MorphVOX Pro upgrade.

  5. After purchase you will receive a new Activation Key by E-mail that can be used for MorphVOX Pro.

For more information about MorphVOX Pro click here.

Special Offer for MorphVOX Pro

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