Voice Changing For the Classroom

Screaming Bee LLC pleased to announce a new academic discount program for MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer. Educators and students can now benefit by using MorphVOX Pro to create their own voice-overs to enhance multimedia presentations and curriculum.

"Our focus has expanded to include the academic market because of strong demand," explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. "By providing a quality voice-changing tool to educators, we hope to enhance the learning experience of their students."

Screaming Bee is offering an academic discount of $5.00 USD off the retail price of MorphVOX Pro. Academic centers can also request larger discounts on multiple copies of MorphVOX Pro. Educators and students can qualify for the discount by providing proof of their academic status to this email address: academics@screamingbee.com.

MorphVOX Pro is used by a number of educators in the classroom, multimedia labs and online sites. The voice-changing tool has made it easy to create multiple voice-overs from a single voice talent. This has allowed both teachers and students to create new content for learning and for entertainment. Educational projects developed using MorphVOX Pro include audio presentations, animations, videos, audio-books, online websites and games.

Ease-of-use is one of the features that make MorphVOX Pro a tool of choice for educators and students who need to create an audio or video project. After simple voice analysis, the program can change a speaker's voice to any number of target voices. This allows users to spend less time on the technical issues and more time focusing on the creative aspects of a multimedia project.

Tim Miller, who teaches a video editing class to high school students, explains, "The Screaming Bee software allows my students to be confident and creative with voiceovers. They've used quite a range of the voices in MorphVOX from the teenager to the wraith. They use my office as a sound booth and have a blast."

MorphVOX Pro has not only made it easy for educators to create new voice content for their lessons, but also their students can benefit from fresh multimedia. As a result, their educational experience has become more fun and accessible.

"I think MorphVOX has helped me make my work more inviting and friendly for my students, and education shouldn't be a threatening experience for anyone," notes Shelley Turnbull, an online educator.

Voice Changing For the Classroom

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