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You are free to use MorphVOX Pro voices in your own original compositions without restriction. Neither the preview voices, program graphics nor sound effects may be resold or redistributed as sound effects, clips, visuals and/or graphic images.

"All rights not expressly granted to Licensee are reserved to Screaming Bee Inc. or its licensors.



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This happens when you have the Temp folder encrypted by using the Encrypted File System.

Please turn off encryption for the temporary folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp).

  1. Right-click the Temp folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp), and then click Properties.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Unselect the Encrypt contents to secure data check box. Click OK.
  4. Install Application.

For additional information click here to see Microsofts FAQ.


If you are getting an error that it can not uninstall the previous version you will have to remove the previous installation manually.  A symptom of this problem is if you get: (System.IO.FileNotFoundException MorphDriverUninstall.dll).

Please click here to download and then run a utility from Microsoft to correct this problem. Select MorphVOX to uninstall.

You should then be able to install the new version you downloaded.

Every case we've seen of not being able to uninstall has been the result of a machine infected by a virus. So we first recommend running a virus scan.

  1. If you manually deleted files before running the uninstaller you'll have to run a Microsoft tool to fix things up again:
    Microsoft Uninstall Tool
  2. If your microphone is no longer working then you may need to reset your default microphone use the following FAQ and instead of the "Screaming Bee Audio" driver replace it with your computers driver:
    Setting Default Driver

To completely remove MorphVOX, we recommed after following Step 1 that you again install and then uninstall MorphVOX using the uninstall link on your start menu.


We found that the most compatible way to use the morphing effects with other programs was to create a virtual driver.  This allows any application to use it, and there are no tricky back door hooks that will break in future versions of Windows or compatibility problems with unknown programs. This driver has been rigorously tested and signed through Microsoft’s own driver testing procedures.


To record the output of MorphVOX just change the program you use to record audio to use the "Screaming Bee Audio" driver as the microphone input.

You may also record your voice directly to a Wave file from within MorphVOX. Click here for more information.

Microsoft Windows comes with a built in recorder called "Sound Recorder". For more information on Sound Recorder click here.


The Installation of MorphVOX allows you to set the default capture device (Microphone) to use the "Screaming Bee Audio" driver. If this is not set or the IM/game software has been set to your audio cards driver then you will continue to use the built in driver and not get the changed voice.

You can solve this in several ways.  You can set the recording program to use "Screaming Bee Audio".  Click here for more information on doing this in common game and chat programs.

You may also change the default system wide microphone to "Screaming Bee Audio". On MorphVOX Pro 3.0.5 and greater select "Default System Microphone" from the Tools menu. Be sure to click OK on the dialog that is launched.  All other version click here for more information.


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If you installed MorphVOX with the “Set default audio capture device to use MorphVOX." the default audio capture device is now using MorphVOX.  If MorphVOX is not running there will be no audio coming from the default capture device. 

You can solve this in several ways.

  1. You can set the recording program to use a different capture driver other than the default.
  2. You can run MorphVOX while you are recording. 
  3. You can change the default device for sound recording back to your sound card's driver Click here for more Information.  If you choose the third option, be aware that some programs only take input from the default device, and will now bypass MorphVOX.




The best way to run MorphVOX with games that take as much horsepower as your computer can give them is to use the voice toggle key. 

You can turn on voice key toggling under Preferences (File: Preferences menu ). Click on the “Sound Settings" item on the left and check “Talk when key pressed ." In many games, such as CounterStrike, you assign a keyboard key to your microphone; just assign the same key in MorphVOX. 

The voice toggle key tells MorphVOX to get out of the way and only try to morph your voice when the assigned key is held down. 


The primary cause of MorphVOX not morphing your voice is because of low microphone levels. If you have run Voice Doctor and it indicated that the levels were low during your "ahh" recording this is the cause of your problems.

You should adjust your mic levels by moving the slider in the Voice Doctor to the right until it indicates "good" levels when recording.

If the levels are still not high when the slider is all the way to the right, most sound card drivers expose a "Microphone Boost" check box in the Volume Control.  The Volume Control applet can be reached by the following:

  1. From the Start Menu select All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control.
  2. On the Volume Control Applet select Options > Properties.
  3. Make sure the Mixer Device is set to your sound card the microphone is plugged into.
  4. Select "Recording" radio button.
  5. Make sure the "Microphone" is selected in the below list and click OK.
  6. Check the "Select" box on the Microphone slider
  7. Click the  "Advanced" button.
  8. On the advanced page there should be an option to turn on Microphone Boost.

If you have problems with the recording being to short or too quiet for the Voice Doctor, Try:

  1. Turn off Echo-Cancellation in MorphVOX: In Preferences/Sound Settings Tab.
  2. Turn off noise reduction in your sound card settings.


It’s important to talk in a normal voice, if you sing it, or speak in a higher or lower note then normal it will affect all the Aliases.  Try re-running Voice Doctor. 

If it still sounds off, just tweak the presets by selecting the Alias and going to the “Tweak Sound " drop down panel.  After you get the right sound, just click the red check next to the preset name on the tweak panel and you’ll never have to mess with it again. 

Often just a slight adjustment to the Timbre or Pitch makes all the difference.

SYMPTOM: When you have the Listen button on it sounds like helicopter ( rhythmical static) in the background, yet others do not hear it and when you record the audio is clear.

SOLUTION: Your audio drivers may not be able to use the lowest latency setting. The solution is to increase the Listen Delay by 1 notch. Listen Delay can be found on the Sound Settings Dialog under the MorphVOX >> Preferences menu item.

Click here for more information on Sound Settings

This may be due to over correction of the timbre. To improve the quality, try moving the Timbre slider to the left or moving the Timbre Strength slider down. 

Click here for more information on pitch and timbre


The "play" button next to a sound effect is so you can audition the sound before deciding to annoy your friends with it.  Once you select an effect by clicking on the name, you can send it out by clicking on the bigger "play" button at the top of the Sound Effects panel.


If you have created a unique voice you would like to share with your friends:

  1. Copy the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Screaming Bee\MorphVOX\Presets\AliasName.sbpreset from your computer.
  2. Put it in the same location on your friends' computer.

"AliasName" refers to the name you gave your voice.

To learn more about creating custom voices click here.


This typically happens with CPU intensive games on older machines when you have the "Listen" button on. You can reduce this condition by:

1. Open menu item "MorphVOX/Preferences..." and select the "Sound Settings" link.
2. Set the "Sound Quality" to 2nd (medium low) position.
3. Compact the user interface by clicking on the "Compact View" button on the upper right part of the application main view.
4. Minimize MorphVOX.

If the sound quality is just fine to the listeners, then the stutter is an artifact in playback that you don't have to worry about. This was designed so that MorphVOX will give a higher priorty to the game and sound broadcast and lower prority to the playback. This ensures that your game or broadcasted sound doesn't stutter. You may even get better performance during a game by turning off the "Listen" button.

If you still have concerns about the output quality of MorphVOX, please contact support  [at]


Ensure that the Screaming Bee Audio Driver is properly selected in the DDO game.

1. Click on the "Options" menu item in DDO.
2. Click on "Audio" button/tab.
3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the dialog.
4. Select "Screaming Bee Audio Driver" in the Voice Capture Device setting.

The problem usually stems from multiple microphone sources being checked in the system audio settings. The other issue happens when using open speakers with a sensitive microphone.

  1. Go to the Windows control panel from the Start menu
  2. Click on "Sound and Audio Devices"
  3. In the Volume Tab, Click on "Advanced..." button in the Device volume box
  4. Check the devices listed in the Volume Control dialog.  If you see Microphone column, make sure that it is muted (unmuted will often cause severe feedback)
Also check your recording volumes:
  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above
  2. Click on "Options/Properties..." menu
  3. Click "Recording" radio button and "OK" button
  4. Check the Microphone column is selected and Microphone levels.  If it's at maximum reduce it by 50%.
** If the problem continues and you are using a stick microphone (non headset), from the MorphVOX menu, select Preferences and click on the Sound Settings panel. Then turn on "Echo Cancellation".

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